Director of Service Delivery

Job Description

The Director of Service Delivery is the strategic leader of all the services teams. They are responsible to oversee the delivery of all services to customers and will oversee the performance, training, effectiveness, and hiring of all employees for these teams. They will manage the utilization and capacity of the teams and balance employee and client costs and staff load. The Director of Service Delivery will oversee the development of new and improved services and make weighty decisions about company and client structure. They will also be a part of the Senior Leadership Team and will convene with those on that team often to make influential and strategic decisions about utilization, culture, structure, and processes for the future.

Time Requirements-Full Time

The Director of Service Delivery position will be full-time. This role needs to be available during normal business hours for employee and client communication. All LedgerGurus employees work remotely from home.


  • Health, Dental, and Vision Employer Insurance
    • HSA, FSA, and DCFSA Accounts
  • 401k with up to 4% Match
  • Profit Sharing
  • Time Off
    • 15 days Paid Time Off plus 1 additional day per year of service
    • 7 paid holidays
  • Continuing Professional Eduction budget

Job Duties:

  • Staff Utilization:
    • Leading, managing, and holding accountable a direct and indirect staff of 50+ people and growing
    • Working with service delivery management to hire, staff, and mentor teams
    • Planning and refining organizational structure to support the growth and changes in the business
    • Focus on staff development, happiness, and success
  • Growth of Services:
    • Overseeing the delivery of accounting services for 100+ recurring and project clients
    • Growing and improving customer relationships with the team and LedgerGurus overall
    • Reviewing customer performance\success metrics and making changes when needed
    • Address customer satisfaction issues directly or indirectly as appropriate
  • Budget Approval:
    • Responsibility for services staff and expenses as well as client budget performance
    • Approving and reviewing customer invoices with Service Delivery staff and Finance team
    • Measuring, managing, and ensuring budgets are in target
  • Service Development:
    • Working with teams to refine, develop, and implement accounting services
    • Ensure that service development is occurring which is the improvement of services
    • Oversee customer onboarding, service deliverable tracking, and customer satisfaction projects
  • Operational Management:
    • Work with senior leadership on annual planning, company-wide initiatives, and strategic execution
    • We use EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) which means you will engage in:
      • Weekly senior leadership meetings (Level 10 Meetings) with To Dos
      • Quarterly Reviews (Pulse) where we review the business and set goals moving forward
      • Building Annual plans, 3-year pictures and 10-year Targets

    Skills and Abilities:

    • Builder of and collaborator with people including direct\indirect staff, peers, and customers
    • Effective communicator internally with teams and externally with customers and partners
    • Intelligent decision maker on simple and often complex issues
    • Strong understanding of accounting and financial statements
    • Effective time management and enjoys complexity and challenges

    Education and Experience:

    • Accounting education: Bachelors or Masters Degree in Accounting \ Finance \ MBA
    • 10+ years of work experience
    • 3 years leading a team with direct hiring and performance management responsibility