Accountant Sales Tax
Remote Position, Home-Based; Full-Time.

About Us

LedgerGurus is a virtual, outsourced accounting firm headquartered in Utah providing full-service accounting to growing businesses. We provide each client with a bookkeeper and accounting manager to do bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, bill payments, budgeting, financial analysis, etc. We specialize in the eCommerce business and offer eCommerce, Inventory, Sales Tax, and AP services. We provide growing businesses with relief from accounting headaches and help them be successful. We believe in job flexibility and provide employees an opportunity to apply their expertise without going into an office.

Job Description

The Sales Tax Accountant will work on our Sales Tax team to ensure compliance with sales and use tax laws for our clients through preparation of state and local sales/use tax returns, verification and maintenance of sales tax rates, and taxability matrices. The Sales Tax Accountant would work with clients to dig in and find their sales tax issues. The position would help relieve the clients’ burdens and attribute to their success. Come specialize in a space that is unique and uncommon, but very important to eCommerce businesses.


  • Assist with state and local tax research for our clients on specific sales and use tax-related topics.
  • Assist with monitoring changes in sales and use tax nexus rules, policies, and state tax department positions.
  • Maintain accurate tax compliance through the maintenance of sales tax automation software.
  • Sales tax registrations and creating online portals for the client.
  • Complete filings with states for LedgerGurus’ clients after reviewing and verifying the completeness and accuracy of transactions.
  • Talk to individual state Departments of Revenue and get answers to questions when needed.
  • Respond in a timely, professional manner to clients’ and managers’ questions and requests.
  • Compile Excel spreadsheets and analyzing the data.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Availability and Hours:

  • All LedgerGurus employees work remotely from home 100% of the time. Accountants need to be available during normal business hours for a portion of their regular, weekly work hours.
  • The first half of the month (through the 15th) tends to be busier than the end of the month and would require more hours. This would be balanced out with less hours the last two weeks of the month.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong knowledge of and experience with Excel, performing basic functions, sorting and filtering data, and using pivot tables. Ability to easily manipulate data.
  • Preferred: Knowledge of/experience with TaxJar or Taxify, Avalara, Shopify, Amazon Seller Central
  • Accuracy, efficiency, and attention to detail.
  • Takes accountability and responsibility for deliverables.
  • Professional verbal and written communication skills and confidence to communicate with clients.
  • Foundational computer and Microsoft Office suite knowledge
  • Can learn new applications easily.
  • Manages time effectively and deadline driven, especially in a remote working environment.
  • Able to meet deadlines while working independently.
  • Works with honesty and integrity.

Education and Experience:

  • Required: Experience in an accounting-related position.
  • Preferred: Bachelors in a finance related degree.
  • Preferred: Experience with sales tax or ecommerce companies.